Aviral Chawla

Aviral Chawla

M.Sc. student (Complex Systems & Data Science)

Affiliated with the CDL
Affiliated with the LSD


I'm currently a second-year M.Sc. student at the Vermont Complex Systems Center, where my research is primarily centered on investigating the concept of node importance within network structures. My research focuses specifically on delineating and analyzing the pivotal roles played by influential nodes within social and civil networks.

Previously, I held a position as a Junior Data Scientist at a fintech company, where my responsibilities encompassed the development of time series forecasting models to enhance their hedging strategies.

I am passionate about advancing our comprehension of network dynamics and the critical nodes within them, and I am dedicated to contributing to the academic and practical discourse in this area.


Ms.C in Complex Systems and Data Science
University of Vermont
Jean-Gabriel Young and Laurent Hébert-Dufresne
B.A. in Philosophy and History of Mathematics & Science
St. John's College, Santa Fe

Outside of Academia

Outside of my academic pursuits, I have a range of interests and hobbies. I enjoy reading classics and cooking. I'm also an enthusiast of sailing and mountain biking. Additionally, I have a deep appreciation for country, folk, and jazz music.

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