John Meluso

John Meluso

Sloan VERSO Postdoctoral Fellow for Systems, Organizations, and Inclusion

Affiliated with the LSD

Hello and welcome! I'm John Meluso (he/him, they/them). I study how communication and social psychology shape networked collaborations.

I'm the Sloan VERSO Postdoctoral Fellow for Systems, Organizations, and Inclusion where I work with Laurent Hébert-Dufresne & Juniper Lovato. I completed my Doctorate of Philosophy at the University of Michigan in Design Science. At U-M, I studied Complex System Design with Jesse Austin-Breneman and Management & Organizations with Jose Uribe. Also on my committee were Scott Page and Lynette Shaw.

For overviews of my publications, research, teaching, and inclusion work, take a look at my website. To see my full organization science job market documents, check out my job market page!

Disciplines: management & organizations, complex systems, communication, social psychology, information science, systems engineering, design Methods: network science, agent-based modeling, optimization, data science, interviews, surveys, diaries, ethnography Topics: collective performance, innovation processes, data science, inclusion, organizational culture, open source, feminism, virtual collaboration, information & communication technology, miscommunication Industry Experience: aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, software, management Ppersonal interests: podcasts, bunnies, coffee, science fiction, community, authenticity, mindfulness, privacy, balance

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